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Food is Medicine

"We are what we eat." In recent years this statement has become increasingly profound as emerging scientific evidence confirms that the food we eat is intimately linked to our state of health. Revolutionary discoveries in nutrition demonstrate that food contains information that speaks to our bodies at the deepest level. Food influences our DNA by switching on or off genes that potentially lead to health or to disease. The dietary choices we make can program our bodies with messages of "repair and vitality" or with messages of "malfunction and illness."

How can I use food as medicine?

It is my belief that good food provides the foundation for optimal health and that a wholesome diet, with carefully chosen supplementation, may successfully address many conditions that are usually treated with drugs or surgery. An integral part of my treatment program involves nutritional counseling, during which I identify nutrient deficiencies and offer suggestions regarding diet modification and/or supplementation. I also teach my patients how food acts in their bodies and how to determine which foods are best suited for their particular constitution and condition.

Why should I consider nutritional supplementation?

Ironically, in the United States, a land of plenty, many people are highly deficient in vitamins and minerals as a result of our food production and processing methods. Nutritional supplementation can fill in the gaps where one's diet may be lacking. Supplements may also aid in tissue maintenance and repair, essential processes that allow us to heal and keep our bodies healthy.

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