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Carrie is a natural healer - she has a wonderful stillness and patience that allows her to really listen to your body and what you're experiencing, and guide your healing process accordingly.  Healing isn't always fast or dramatic, but I can certainly attest to the results.  After a fruitless year of trying to get pregnant and a surgery that only resulted in greater complications, treatment with Carrie really started to change my body.  I lost weight, had more energy, and most importantly, I finally did get pregnant.  Her approach is gentle but very informed, she's a wonderful resource and guide whether you're looking for general health or specific results.
-- M. R., female, 36


Carrie Tanenbaum has been fabulous!  We went to her for fertility treatment and overall health.  The results were immediate and striking.  For example, after only a few months, my sperm motility increased dramatically, to the point that it was far higher than average.  My overall energy level shot up, as well.  Her treatment- acupuncture, herbs, regimens- are specifically targeted to the purpose of the treatment, and you can actually feel it working.  What a great decision we made!
-- J.S., male, 37


The truth and proof of any medicine lies within the heart of the healer. Carrie Tanenbaum exemplifies that doctor who is able to see, understand and communicate directly to a patient's heart as well as mind and body.

Four years ago a chiropractor referred Carrie to me for chronic back pain. The pain disappeared after a few treatments. I continue to see her on a regular basis as my primary physician. She has brilliantly and successfully treated me for bronchitis, flu, tennis elbow, bursitis, and a variety of menopausal symptoms including night sweats, hot flashes, depression, insomnia and severe fatigue.

Beyond her superior aptitude and experience she embodies utmost intellect, clarity and compassion. She is the most diligent and dedicated physician I have ever known, a profound inspiration. I trust her with my life.
-- L. L., female, 58


Twelve years ago when I first came to see Carrie, I was having difficulty with conceiving.  After seeing Carrie for a few weeks I found out I was pregnant.  Throughout both of my pregnancies I continued to get acupuncture treatments with Carrie. I found them very helpful and calming.  Since the birth of my sons, (11) and (7) I have seen Carrie for regular sessions.  I have found acupuncture useful for keeping me strong and healthy.  In addition, I love my visits with Carrie.  She is extremely knowledgeable, gentle and supportive.  Whatever challenging moments have arisen in my life, Carrie has been there to care for me and has given me the right treatment to address my needs. I continue to see Carrie on a regular basis.  Through the years, she has also taught me so much about nutrition and supplements and has created simple plans for me to follow.  I recommend Carrie to anyone wanting a caring, warm and loving professional who will listen and support you on your health and wellness journey!
-- M.D., female, 48


There are not enough positive adjectives to describe fully Carrie.  Every time I come and see her, I feel that I am in the hands of a powerful healer and that nothing will prevent her from getting to the root of my ailments.  Carrie is extremely thorough in her diagnostics which shows how much she is devoted to healing her patients.  She is not just another doctor to go see but someone who you will want to build a long-term relationship with.  I whole heartedly recommend her.  Her care, compassion, thoughtfulness, and sheer talent will win you over instantly.
-- J.S., female, 34


Carrie Tanebaum is talented, skilled and very knowledgeable. I suffered from a serious GI problem and without Carrie, I would have required serious long term antibiotic treatment. With a combination of acupuncture,herbs and Western supplements Carrie was able to help me heal not just the symptoms, but the source of the issue. She views the person holistically and works with Western medicine to create a whole treatment plan. I also struggled with infertility for many years and Carrie provided me with the a unique approach
that resulted in a healthy pregnancy and delivery. I can not recommend her highly enough. She cares deeply about her patients and will help shift the way you think about health and your body. Whether you are struggling with a specific issue or wanting to create an optimal state of well being, Carrie Tanenbaum is the person you want on your team.
-- D.W., female, 41


While getting a massage one day,  it was pointed out to me that the Acupressure I was receiving was probably not enough and it was suggested that I go get Acupuncture.  Needles?  Me?  Really?  No way.  But, after doing a little internet research,  i booked an appointment with Carrie Tanenbaum.  Her calm approach, her caring attitude and her fantastic bedside manner lead me to subsequent " wellness" visits that have left me feeling fantastic!.  I now go for regular treatments to keep my 49 year old body centered and balanced.  The combination of Carrie's diet and supplement suggestions have allowed me to sleep better, breath better,  have more energy,  lower my cholesterol, and attain an incredible focus at work.  I never expected these types of results!
-- B. L., male, 49

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